Online Roulette: The Basics

However modern it may seem, Roulette has been around for three centuries. It originated from 18th century France and it was designed by accident. Namely, in an attempt to construct a perpetual motion machine, Blaise Pascal created the Roulette wheel.

Since then, the game of Roulette has evolved throughout history. It has gained traction among both gamblers and gambling fans. Its popularity has sparked numerous theories regarding the way it works. Many people have tried to uncover the secret that is Roulette.

Nowadays, Roulette is more popular than ever. Thanks to the expansion of online gambling, the game has become available all over the world. 

Roulette Rules

Online Roulette has two main versions — the RNG-based one and the live one. While you can find the former at every online casino, the latter is featured only at those that have a live casino game section.

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Whichever version you choose, you’ll have no trouble grasping the concept of the game. Once everyone has made a bet, the croupier spins the wheel. Alternatively, a random number generator generates the outcome. Depending on the result of a single spin of the wheel, you either win or lose your bet.

The French variant of the game, however, features the La Partage and En Prison rules. The former lets you collect half of an even-money bet you’ve lost, whereas the latter lets you keep your bet “in prison” until the next round.

Roulette Bets

At a land-based casino, players make their bets by placing their chips on certain portions of the layout. In a virtual game, you have to select the number(s) you want to bet on, as well as the size of your bet.

All Roulette bets are divided into three categories: inside bets, outside bets, and announced bets (available only in French Roulette). Inside bets cover either a single number or a small group of numbers, whereas outside bets cover larger sections of the wheel (even-money bets, dozens, and columns). 

The house edge and the payout percentage depend on the bet you choose — the higher your chances, the lower the amount of money you may win.

Roulette Strategies

Among the people who have tried to fathom Roulette’s secret, some have come up with various strategies. Before you start rejoicing at the thought, we have to state the obvious — Roulette is a game of chance. Given the fact, every Roulette system is somewhat far-fetched.

The most famous (and the riskiest) Roulette strategy is the Martingale system. According to it, you should double your bet after every loss. While you may recover your money if you win, remember that the outcome doesn’t depend on you, but on luck.

Other popular strategies are the Reverse Martingale, James Bond, and D’Alembert.

Roulette Tips

General gambling tips apply to Roulette as well. If you want to have fun (and a chance to win), you have to set your loss limit and profit goal. Once you reach either, you should walk out, however promising the game may seem. Moreover, decrease your bets over time instead of increasing them — you are the only one who can protect your funds. Lastly, remember that the house always has an advantage. 

Roulette Wheel

There are two versions of the Roulette wheel — European and American. The latter features a double zero slot in addition to the standard zero slot. As a result, American Roulette has a higher house advantage.

Additionally, there is French Roulette — a European version that features the La Partage and En Prison rules.

Final Thoughts

Whether you play a live game of Roulette or an RNG-based one, you should never forget that it is a game of chance. Strategies may work, but only if you have luck on your side. Therefore, take matters into your own hands — choose the French version, bet wisely, and monitor your losses.

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