Blackjack Rules – The Simplest Guide

Blackjack may seem plain, but there’s much more there than meets the eye. It’s undoubtedly one of the most popular casino games worldwide, and for these three reasons:

  • The rules are simple and easy to comprehend,
  • The game is exciting and engaging,
  • The player has pretty high odds of winning – higher than with any other casino game!

That said, it’s no surprise this fascinating card game won the hearts of many players. But even though rules are simple, you still need to learn a trick or two. 

So, let’s take a closer look at the Blackjack rules and strategies right away. This simple guide will help you understand the basics and provide you the tips for beating the dealer!

Blackjack Rules in Brief

The first thing to learn in Blackjack is the objective you as a player have – to beat the house. In this card game, you don’t play against other players.

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However, you don’t cooperate with them either. Every player is for themselves, and the thing all of you want to accomplish is to beat the dealer in one of these three ways:

  • You want to gain a score higher than the dealer has without exceeding 21,
  • You want the dealer’s score to exceed 21,
  • And the best option is to hit the Blackjack – get the total card values of 21.

As for the card evaluation system in Blackjack, it’s effortless to comprehend:

  • Face card = 10
  • Cards with numbers = their wank (e.g. 3=3)
  • Ace = 1 or 11

Again, the goal is to gain the total score closest to 21 without exceeding it. Moreover, you care to receive the score higher than the one dealer has. And in the best possible scenario, you’ll hit the Blackjack – or 21.

So, what to do to achieve this goal? 

Hit and Stand

At the beginning of the game, every player and the dealer get two cards. But there’s one difference here –  player’s cards are turned face-up, while one of the dealer’s cards is placed face-down. 

That card you can’t see has a name – hole card. And the dealer is the only one who knows its value.

When you receive your two cards, you can do several things. The options you’re going to use most are hit and stand. 

When you hit, you receive one more card. Simultaneously, if you stand, you don’t get any more cards. 

Split, Double Down, and Surrender

There are three other things you can do to increase your chances of winning – or at least avoid loosing too much money: 

  • Split – when you get two identical cards,
  • Double down – when you want to double your bet and receive only one more card,
  • Surrender – when you want to quit and keep half of your bet.

And each of these moves can be very convenient at the given moment. For instance, when you split, you play two independent hands simultaneously. That way, you’re chances of winning go much higher!

However, there’s a right and the wrong time to make a specific move. And if you want to learn several basic, simple tricks, read ahead. 

Blackjack Strategy – How to Play

The dealer plays by the rules of the house. This means they don’t get to make any decisions. In most cases, the dealer will hit when at 16 or less and stand at 18 or more.

However, if the dealer has soft 17 – the cards that include an Ace and with a total score of 17 – the rules may vary. In some casinos, the dealer in this situation needs to stand and in others to hit. In brief, it’s better for you if the dealer has to stand – your odds of winning are a bit higher.

As for you, it’s recommended to stand when the total card value reaches 17. Simultaneously, you’d prefer to hit when you have 12 or less. 

When it comes to splitting, you should always split the pair of 8s of Aces. But if you got the pair of 10s, 5s, and 4s, it may be wiser not to split.

And finally, you should double down in one of these two situations:

  • When your total card value is 11, and you don’t have an Ace,
  • When the hole card isn’t an ace, and your total score is 10.

Now, when you learned the basics, here’s where you can show what you got!

The Benefits of Playing Live Blackjack

You can play Blackjack at almost any online casino there is. It’s better to play for free in the beginning – just to gain some experience first. Once you start feeling sure about your skills, you can start playing for real money.

And suppose you want to get a land-based casino experience, but don’t feel confident enough to visit one. In this case, there’s a simple solution – play live Blackjack online! That way, you’ll get the experience that feels more real, but won’t get the chance to embarrass yourself for real publicly! 

Moreover, you’ll get the chance to get ready for the real deal and to nail it when the time comes!

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