New To Playing Baccarat Online? Here’s Everything You Should Know

You can choose between many different games in a casino. However, playing baccarat online can be both fun and lucrative. Why? Baccarat is one of the few online games where the house edges are as low as 1.06%. 

You may not know it, but you’ve most likely seen a baccarat game if you’ve ever watched any James Bond movie. Baccarat is a staple in traditional and online casinos worldwide. But, this straightforward game continues to be a mystery for many players. So, here is everything you need to know. 

Baccarat Online: Brief Introduction

Dating back to 1400s Italy, baccarat is among the oldest card games in existence. Baccarat made its way to the US during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. As with all casino games, this card game also branched out into several distinct versions over the years.

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Players considered baccarat to be a game of pure chance throughout its history. Indeed, a player’s only involvement in a baccarat game is their wager. There is no need for a player to make a strategic decision. When playing baccarat online, you can choose between the standard and live versions of the game. 

How To Play Baccarat

Playing this traditional card game in an online environment can’t get any simpler. All you need to do to play is place a wager and click the “deal” button. As previously mentioned, you don’t need to make any decision when during a baccarat game. Instead, there is an embedded action grid that determines such decisions in baccarat. 

So, you will play with one to eight standard deks with 52 cards. Your goal when playing baccarat online is to predict who will draw the higher hand. You can bet on the higher hand belonging to either The Player or The Banker. 

However, “The Banker” does not mean the casino, and “The Player” does not represent you. These terms are merely names for the two hands that exist in the game of baccarat. You can bet on either of these hands or a tie between them. 

Interesting Baccarat Rules

You should always remember two unusual rules when playing baccarat online. These rules are:

  1. You count 10s and face cards as zero
  2. You only count the last digit of the total

Here is a simple example to demonstrate these baccarat rules. Let’s imagine you have a 6, an 8, and a King. These cards add up to 14, but you only count the four according to baccarat rules. 

Similarly, a hand that combines 7 and 3 for a sum of 10 counts as 0, or “Baccarat.” Interestingly, this ancient card game got its name from the worst possible hand. Playing online becomes easy once you remember these rules.

Baccarat Strategy

You can choose between three possible bets when playing this card game online. You can bet on The Player, The Banker, or Tie. You will be playing at a virtual baccarat table when enjoying the game online. 

Once you decide on the bet you want to make, you will need to click on the appropriate area or button. The key to a successful baccarat strategy is straightforward. First, you need to understand each baccarat bets’ benefits and drawbacks. Once you do, you should act on that knowledge. 

Online Baccarat Game Example

Let’s go through a quick game of baccarat to demonstrate how things usually work. 

The game starts when you place a bet. Then, The Banker and Player each receive two cards. At this point, The Player may also draw a third card. Keep in mind that The Player does not have a say in whether they will receive another card. 

Instead, there is a rule that determines if and when The Player receives a third card. This rule states that The Player must stand if their two-card total is more than 5, and hits if the total is five or less. 

Playing baccarat online eliminates the need to remember this rule. If the game rules call for it, the computer will deal the third card automatically. You can also have a maximum of three cards per hand in baccarat (also a rule). 

The Player completes their hand, and then The Banker can hit or stand. The Banker’s hand takes place also according to a rule, which is a bit more complicated than in the case of The Player. However, the idea stays the same. It is baccarat rules, not free will, that dictate whether The Banker will hit or stand. 

Again, you don’t have to memorize this rule to be successful. The software will deal a third card to The Banker automatically if needed if you’re playing baccarat online. The game is over once both hands take place. The higher hand wins the game. 

Should You Bet On A Tie?

There is no simple answer to this question. You should base your decision on the specific circumstances of the game. 

The advantage of betting on a tie in baccarat is that you receive a large payout. For example, you can expect 8 to 1 odds for a tie in most online baccarat games. For example, if you bet £20 on a tie, you could win an extra £160 alongside your original £20.

On the other hand, statistics suggest that a tie is the outcome of less than 10% of all baccarat games. For instance, let’s imagine that you bet that one hundred hands in a baccarat game will result in a tie. Statistics say that you will win 10 of those hands, but lose 90. If we use the same £20 example, you would win £1600, but lose £1800 in such a case. In other words, you would be down £200 as a result of that game.

Closing Thoughts

Nothing is intimidating or mysterious about the ancient game of baccarat. On the contrary – this card game is one of the easiest and player-friendly you can enjoy. Baccarat online exists in different variants, but each version operates under the same rules. 

Make sure to play gambling games responsibly, safely, and only with reputable online providers. Also, remember to stay away from online casinos if you are underage in your area. Otherwise, learn the rules of baccarat well, and have fun. Good luck!

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