Everything About Online Slots in One Place

Besides being easy to play, slots have many splendid rewards to give you, such as free cash and spins.

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Moreover, there’s always (a slight) possibility to hit the jackpot and become a millionaire in an instant - just like in the movies!

And here, you can find out everything you always wanted to know about slots! Plus, we’ve prepared some simple tips for you – just read ahead!

Slot Basics

The first slot game showed up around 100 years ago in the United States. This machine had only three reels and five symbols. Moreover, the first slot couldn’t make you a millionaire overnight – in the best possible scenario, you could win some nickels or bubble gums.

But with time, slots evolved into an exciting game with many exciting possibilities to win splendid rewards. Today, most slots have five reels, and you can even find the ones with six or more. On top of that, slots can win you an enormous amount of cash in an instant!

Simultaneously, today’s slots work with the help of RNG, which guarantees you fair play and unpredictable outcomes. The Wild and Scatter symbols that make part of almost any modern slot game bring on much excitement. 

Not to mention the creative and various graphics and design of slots! Many of them have a captivating theme that will keep your attention and make the experience more thrilling for you.

That said, it’s no wonder that slots are among the most popular casino games worldwide. This game is so simple anyone can play it. Simultaneously, its features, special symbols, and appealing design make it intriguing and engaging.

Slot Types

Slot games vary depending on the number of pay lines, reels, and the nature of wilds and scatters. Moreover, the themes and designs become more and more fascinating with time. Today, you can find slots with Guns n’ Roses, Kiss, or Lord of the Rings theme. Simultaneously, you’ll still come across simply-designed fruit-themed slot games.

Overall, this in-demand casino game can be divided into two categories – classic and video slots.

Many casino venues, online and land-based, are still home to classic slots with three reels and fewer pay line options. One more thing the classic slots lack is the variety of bonuses and special symbols. However, both traditional and video slots can win you a Jackpot.

Moreover, some classic slots today have five reels, more pay lines, and features. But they still look retro! And even though it may seem less exciting, many players today prefer the old-school version of the slot game.

Other than a wider number of reels, the modern slot game has more advanced features and animations. Their themes are often inspired by books, music bands, movies, series, etc. Furthermore, video slots have a bunch of special symbols, free spins bonuses, and such.

For all these reasons, the modern slot game is more in-demand in most casino venues. As you can imagine, anyone can find the slot game that’s perfect for them! And finally, video slots offer more opportunities to win cash.

How to Choose a Slot Game?

There’s a number of factors to keep in mind when choosing the slot. Of course, you should go with the slot that has a captivating theme and cool animations, if that’s your cup of tea. However, specific details may be of greater importance here.

Online Slot Games UKSlots differ a lot, and some of them will deliver bigger payouts. The factor that will determine the winning odds is RTP – return to player. The higher it is, the game will provide a more significant percentage of the money that got inside

In general, slot machines at land-based casinos have lower RTP, while online video slots’ return to player can go up to 99%. So, when looking for a slot, you should undoubtedly figure out its RTP and care to choose the game with the higher one.

The other factor to keep in mind is the variance. If the slot has low variance, it will bring you more winnings, but not much generous ones. And in the case of high variance, you have chances of winning big – but not very often.

Note that the information about the slot’s variance (or volatility) is rarely pointed out. You’ll often need to play a game for some time to figure it out for yourself. That’s why playing slots for free seems like a good idea. 

Furthermore, checking out the paytable of the slot game before spinning the reels is a must! This chart will show you the nature of Wilds and Scatters, the maximum and minimum bet size, the number of paylines, and how to trigger the bonus rounds.

Also, reading some slot reviews is a good idea. That way, you can find out the provider of the game. For instance, if you come across a slot powered by Microgaming, NetEnt, Betsoft, Endorphina, and such, you can expect it to be fantastic!

And finally, the last crucial thing regarding slots is the type of Jackpot.

Jackpot Slots Types

First things first – there are two different types of Jackpot. The first one is fixed, meaning it doesn’t change with time. Even though this Jackpot is still a big prize to win, it’s set at the exact amount of money. 

The progressive Jackpot, on the other hand, changes every time someone plays the game. In other words, it’s getting bigger with time. This also means that progressive Jackpot is more likely to deliver an absurd amount of money – even millions! 

How to Play Slot Games?

Firstly, you should know that you can always play slots for free. Many online casinos allow you to access specific games without even making an account! And playing for free is a fantastic way to check out the online casino, the game itself, and have some fun.

Furthermore, playing slots for real money comes with responsibilities. You should always care to stay within your budget limits!

Slots may be one of the most uncomplicated games to play – maybe that’s the main reason why they’re so in-demand! And even though rules are easy to comprehend, there’s more to slot than meets the eye. So, there are several things to do before you start spinning the reels.

We’ve already talked about this, but it doesn’t hurt to mention it once again – always check out the game details! It’s crucial to go through at least a paytable. If you skip this step, you won’t know what symbols to look after!

So, once you figure out the games’ details, you’ll need to set two things – bet size and number of pay lines. Every slot comes with the minimum bet size required to start playing, and it’s usually low – 0.1$ per spin or even less. As for maximum, it’s approximately somewhere between 5$ and 20$.

Simultaneously, the number of paylines can go from one to 40 or more. And the more paylines you choose to set, the better. That way, you’re more likely to collect many small winnings!

After setting the bet size and pay lines, you’re ready to spin the reels. And even though hitting a Jackpot doesn’t happen every day, you can always get lucky enough to unlock special features and bonus rounds – which will help you win more money!

Different Special Symbols and Slot Bonuses 

Most modern slot games have bonuses to reward you if you’re lucky to unlock them. The symbols that can help you out are Scatters and Wilds.

As for Wilds, they can often stand in place of any other symbol, except Scatters. Simply put, this symbol will help you win the round, and sometimes can help you unlock bonus rounds. But, Wilds can also do many different things, and these are just some of the types:

  • Expanding – it expands and can cover the entire reel,
  • Sticky – those stick around for several rounds,
  • Multiplier – which multiples your winnings,
  • Duplicating – that one will cover the entire reels.

Simultaneously, Scatters usually start the bonus round or bring you a cash prize. Either way, you’re getting little something. Free spins are always more than welcome, given that they can bring you more winnings. 

So, modern slot games almost always have special symbols that can trigger bonus rounds or win you more cash. Moreover, you never know when to expect to see them – and that’s one thing that makes slots such an exciting game!

Advantages of Playing Mobile Slots

More and more online casinos are adapting to the new era of smartphones. Today, you can find numerous Android and Apple apps for playing games. Furthermore, most online casinos have well-optimized websites so that you can access them from any device.

And the possibility to play your favorite game at any time and place is a perfect opportunity to collect many small winnings! 

On top of that, playing mobile slots is a perfect precaution measure to take. You won’t be able to spend too much money while waiting in a line or traveling by bus! Not to mention slots are perfect games to play on small screens! Since they work in such a simple way, you’ll have an easy and fun time spinning the reels, no matter where you are! So, if you’re ready to start your slot adventure, you should undoubtedly try out the mobile version of this simple yet captivating game.